Chocolate Truffles Noel
Product Code:  NOE728
Imported chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa.

7 oz. Cardboard Carton // 15 Cardboard Cartons per Case
Cacao Noel
Cacao Noel Chocolate Couvertures, Specialties, and Decorations give everything you need to produce the highest quality pastries and confections. Chocolate Couverture • Couverture Atomize • Cocoa Powders • Cocoa Butter • Chocolate Batons • Chocolate Drops • Pate a Glacer • Pralines • Chocolate Mirror Glaze • Powder Preparations • Decorations • Inclusions

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Fine milk chocolate couverture imported from France.
Fine couverture with cocoa butter only.
Fine couverture with cocoa butter only.
Coated prebaked tart shell for pastry applications.