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Chocolate assortment, featuring Lime & Banana caramel D
Chocolate assortment featuring Almond Praline, Morogoro
A semi-sweet chocolate in a small, thin chunk form.
Imported chocolate truffles dusted with cocoa.
Dark chocolate dome filled with lime and milk chocolate
Dark couverture made from Peruvian cocoa beans.
Fair trade milk couverture using Ivory Coast cocoa bean
Dark couverture made from Ecuadorean cocoa beans.
Dark couverture made from Tanzanian cocoa beans.
Dark chocolate dome with a caramelized banana ganache f
White chocolate shell filled with passion mango ganache
Fat obtained by compression of the roasted cocoa bean.
Made from fully conched chocolate couverture.
Alkalized cocoa powder.
White couverture made from pure cocoa butter.
Fine couverture with cocoa butter only.
Fine couverture with cocoa butter only.
Milk chocolate with the addition of hazelnut paste.
Fine milk chocolate couverture imported from France.
Fine couverture with cocoa butter only.