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A salt of calcium and chlorine.
A cold process gelifier that requires calcium.
Hot process stabilizer and emulsifier for ice creams.
Polysaccharide used as thickener and stabilizer.
A compound with antioxidant properties.
Acidic powder to adjust the pH of a solution.
Powder designed to have a very low bulk density.
Aerosol refrigerant for attaching sugar or chocolate.
Polysaccharides that are extracted from red seaweeds.
Natural gum made from hardened acacia sap.
Water-soluble polymers derived from cellulose.
A group of natural fats and acids used as an emulsifier
Tools used for modern cuisine.
Hot process stabilizer for sorbets.
Soft, pliable plastic sheets.
Confectionery glucose syrup in a powdered form.
Confectionery glucose syrup.
A simple sugar that is less sweet.
Powdered stabilizer for heavy cream.
Confectionery glucose syrup.